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All Woke Up: Well, that doesn’t sound ‘anti-racist’

Empower Wisconsin | Nov 20, 2022

MADISON — So, racial slurs are acceptable now? Apparently they are if you’re a woke college professor with “anti-racism” street cred.

Professor Sundiata Cha-Jua, a history and African-American studies professor at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, recently described Georgia Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker as “coonish” and “subilliterate.”

The “anti-racist” consultant made his racist-sounding statements in his regular column in central Illinois’ News-Gazette. His column focused on black Republicans and how they are actually “MAGA Black White supremacists.”

Cha-Jua, who is black, specifically targeted Terence Stuber, a black Republican running against a black Democrat named Aaron Ammons, for Champaign County Clerk, the College Fix reported.

Cha-Jua compared Stuber to a slave, because he was recruited to run against another black individual.

“What type of Black Republican is Stuber? He was recruited by White Republican leadership to run against Ammons, the only African American clerk in Champaign County history. Like Deering [a white candidate in another race]“the hard, overt and aggressive” White supremacist, Stuber is an election denier,” the professor wrote.

“And like the incompetent, subliterate and coonish Herschel Walker, Stuber reiterates ‘massa’ Trump’s talking points.”

Well, that doesn’t sound very “anti-racist.” In fact, it sounds like the language of an ignorant bigot who’s making $110,067.43 a year thanks to taxpayers and tuition.

Some readers of the News Gazette think so, too.

“Cha-Jua’s outlandish, racist ‘Real Talk’ is overtly vicious and hateful. In his extremist worldview, any and all that do not think like him, look like him or agree with him are ‘White supremacists,’ fascists or Nazis,” wrote reader Jeff Wilson.

“Cha-Jua likes to manipulate his limited derogatory vocabulary of catchphrases to inflame. His intent — dehumanize his intended targets.”

The woke are more than glad to defend their racists, even as they dismiss or vilify critics of their racist critical race theories.

Read more at the College Fix.

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