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Georgians’ drawl earns No. 5 spot for slowest talking state

According to Preply’s findings, eight of the 10 slowest talking states are in the South, with Louisiana’s rate of 4.78 syllables per second being the slowest.

The Pelican State was followed by South Carolina, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia, New Mexico, Arkansas, North Carolina, Texas and Illinois, in that order.

One Georgia municipality also ranks in the top 5 slowest talking cities. Peoria, Illinois, averaging 4.71 syllables per second, which was slowest. It was followed by Huntsville, Alabama, at 4.73 syllables per second; Albuquerque, New Mexico, with an average of 4.74; and a tie between Winston Salem, North Carolina, and Atlanta, where we average 4.75 syllables per second.

Most of the fastest talking states are found in the Midwest, Preply. Minnesota was followed, in order, by Oregon, Iowa, Kansas, North Dakota, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Nebraska and Vermont.

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