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Letters to the editor: One last round of election endorsements

On fake political advertisements

Have you ever gotten mail or seen fake advertisements on TV? You may not think much of them but if you look closely some of them consist of really hurtful things about others. My family just got a flier in the mail like this about Sally Cluchey, who is running for State Representative for House District 52.

The things this flyer said were grossly unreal, dishonest and straight up rude! I’ve been besties with Sally’s daughter for six years and we’re now in fifth grade together. I know that Sally loves Bowdoinham and loves raising her family here.

Now ye may be wondering where this is going. Most of these advertisements are fake. If you’re just going on what these advertisements say you’re doing yourself a disservice! Don’t listen to these and try to gather more information before making up your mind.

Nicoletta Scerbo, age 10,

Elect Peter Lewis

As a Maine native of 54 years, I have seen what can happen when the local government uses its stronghold to oppress and manipulate the citizens of this state. We need to elect candidates who operate on logic and facts. Candidates like Peter Lewis, willing to take the reins and promote a better future for Maine.

Peter is a husband, father, successful business owner and entrepreneur. He brought broadband to Bowdoinham and Richmond, worked as an IT executive in the energy industry, and served three terms as a Bowdoinham selectman.

I challenge Mainers to do their own research, apply logic and execute critical thinking. We need to observe what’s going on around us and think for ourselves.

We need strong, rational, positive people like Peter Lewis to lead the way. This election matters to everyone. Peter Lewis has earned my vote on Nov. 8, and I strongly encourage you to consider him as well.

Lisa Tremblay,

Senator Daughtry has earned our vote

Sen. Mattie Daughtry, the Assistant Senate Majority Leader is the obvious choice for District 23. She is advancing legislation for paid family and medical leave and has sponsored nationally recognized student debt relief bills. Not to mention her consistent work to protect the environment earning her the endorsement of the Maine Conservation Voters.

gov. Mills signed Sen. Daughtry’s bill that re-established the task force to study the creation of a comprehensive career and technical education system. As the Senate chair of the Labor and Housing Committee addressing the worker shortage in fisheries, the service industry, schools, long -term care facilities and elsewhere, she is leading a task force that will identify medium and long-term solutions to the workforce shortage in Maine.

There is much more that Senator Daughtry is credited with so please get out and vote for Mattie on or before Nov. 8.

Joanna Rosenthal,

I am writing to encourage people to vote to re-elect Mattie Daughtry to the State Senate. Why? She is experienced and knowledgeable about Maine and how to make government work better, having been an active, innovative and successful four-term representative to the legislature, and now completing one influential term as state senator.

As her constituent, I am impressed by and grateful for her hard work and single-mindedness of purpose when she believes something is right for her district, for Maine and for our environment. Yet, she is willing to talk, work and compromise with fellow lawmakers on the other side of the aisle.

As a neighbor, a customer and a constituent of hers, I know Mattie (Matthea) Daughtry is honest, dependable, conscientious, smart and in addition, has a wonderful sense of humor! So, make sure we all send Mattie back to Augusta to continue her good work. Vote for Matthea Daughtry!

Susan Brown Stoddard,

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is in the preamble of our constitution! So, as you go to vote, don’t trample on others’ pursuit of happiness!

You might not agree with others’ pursuits, but you should not prevent them from pursuing them. In particular: marriage, gender and reproductive choices.

Do not ruin someone else’s happiness because of your ideology. Be kind and just.

Doug CalhounBrunswick

Christmas Child started in 1993 in North Carolina. Billy Graham’s son, Franklin, was instrumental in starting it.

Billy’s crusades brought hundreds of new Christians to the churches in Peoria, Illinois in the 1960s. So it is fitting that Franklin can God’s love to thousands of children around the world. Franklin is being used of God like his Dad was. God can use anyone to spread His love even you and me.

Helping send Christmas boxes around the world is a way of sharing God’s love. God loves me and because God loves me, I want to love others around me.

Christmas Child fills me full of joy every year. The first time I participated in it was before my parents died. That was in 2001 at Faith Christian Center in East Peoria, Illinois. A friend invited me to a Christmas gift-wrapping party. I had never heard of that so I went and man oh man was it fun wrapping shoe boxes for the children. I now dream of all the smiles of the children receiving the boxes have when opening them.

October until November 21st this year, Brunswick Nazarene Church is the place to bring shoe boxes or make contributions. Several years ago, all the local churches dropped off over a thousand shoe boxes to the church for this part of Maine.

God hath blessed me beyond words. I have a home, loving family, food, and best of all, my health. Why shouldn’t I share just a little part of God’s love with these kids? We can all show God how grateful we are by helping to spread God’s love through Christmas Child.

Sincerely-Lucy Derbyshire-4 Middle St-Lisbon Falls04252

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