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Michigan man charged with sex assault of a child | Courts-police-fire

URBANA — A Michigan man who allegedly sexually molested a child in Mahomet a decade ago is in custody in the Champaign County Jail.

Nathan D. Baker, 27, of Westland, Mich., was charged over a year ago with predatory criminal sexual assault of a child and multiple counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse.

A Champaign County sheriff’s detective’s report said that in early 2021, a woman who is now an adult reported that Baker, who used to date her sister, committed multiple sex acts with her between February and May of 2012 when she was under the age of 13 .

The detective’s report said Baker had free range of the family home and was frequently alone with her.

The woman said Baker allegedly used both force and strong language to get her to comply. She said she did not come forward for years because she believed she was to blame, and it wasn’t until she got older that she realized differently.

If convicted of predatory criminal sexual assault, Baker faces six to 60 years in prison.

Sheriff’s Lt. Curt Apperson said the warrant for Baker’s arrest had been issued in May 2021, but authorities had difficulty connecting with him in Michigan. His detective recently learned that Baker was in custody in that state and made arrangements for him to be transported to Illinois.

He arrived early Saturday and appeared in court Monday with Champaign attorney Jim Martinkus.

Judge Brett Olmstead reduced Baker’s bond to $20,000 and agreed that if he can post it, he may leave the state to work and live in Michigan while the case is pending.

Baker entered a not guilty plea and Olmstead told him to be back in court Dec. 21

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