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Rockford, these bugs are trying to get into your house

Okay, so maybe the errors aren’t quite as big as the photo suggests, but my How To Add Hyperbolic Photos To Your Internet Posts guide said these would work.

I wish I had saved the video from the time my wife set up a video camera to record a life and death battle with a centipede on our basement wall. I was out of town and she wanted video evidence to back up her claims about a legendary litter with the bloodthirsty creature. To illustrate this, a woman with a frying pan will have to suffice.

Or another woman brandishing two cans of insecticide:

It’s autumn and all kinds of scary crawls are looking for a warm place to spend the winter

As cold as it gets around the Rockford area, no self-respecting Beetle wants to get caught out between now and March. So you want to live with you rent-free for a few months. Some of them will go completely unnoticed in your home while others tend to make themselves known.

Here are the five or so bugs that will want in your northern Illinois home

Brown marbled stink bugs. They are harmless, but you will be sorry if you crush them.

Asian ladybug. They’re great when out and useful to us by eating aphids and other pests. Inside, in groups, they can give off a very bad smell and stain things if you smash them.

Western conifer seed bugs. These guys are pretty much like a stink bug, except that they can bite. Fortunately, they move really slowly and are not up to your vacuum cleaner.

Boxelder (or Box Elder) bugs. You’re pretty cool for a mistake. They don’t bite, they don’t chew on your things. You are in your home for warmth and protection. You will stain walls if you smash them so go with the vacuum.

Millipedes, Centipedes, and Sowbugs. They’re great when they’re outside doing what they’re supposed to (using up rotting organic matter) but inside is a different story. They are harmless, but they seem to provoke a primal reaction in many people.

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