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Driver shares video of a creepy, haunted zombie farm in Illinois

Someone near Walnut, Illinois has a lot of time. How do I know? A driver just posted a video of someone nearby creating a creepy haunted zombie farm. Serious.

Here’s how the ladies who shared the video described this strange encounter in rural Illinois:

This is a farm that we came across while driving. It is on Route 92 near Walnut Illinois. Sturtevant ghost farm. Very cool. I wasn’t sure if to stop because there wasn’t proper signage.

Several things to consider. First of all, these two are ideal some of the strongest NSFW comments I’ve ever heard while driving past a zombie farm. Seriously, did your mommies teach you these words? Impressive.

If you’re thinking, “Hey, I would love to drive past this zombie farm and say bad words too,” I’m here to help. Walnut, Illinois is just east of Davenport.

Google Maps satellite view

Just when you think Illinois can’t come up with anything strange, this is what happens. It’s like the rest of the world is saying “We’re weird” and Illinois is saying “HOLD MY BEER”.

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