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A Swedish-engineered fire pit makes its way to the US

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) – With cold weather approaching, you might be looking for different ways to keep warm while enjoying mother nature.

Here’s one unique idea.

The Fireigloo (pronounced Fire-Igloo) was created in Sweden back in 2018. Now, it makes its way to America.

It’s a portable fire stove which you can use to keep warm, cook your food on, or both. The Fireigloo is now made in the Midwest with locally sourced materials.

Fireigloo USA owner Larry Monahan is bringing the culture to Rockford

“Americans tend to enjoy sitting around their fires and having conversations enjoying food, the Swedish culture is more of an active stand up walk around dance around the Fireigloo when it really gets cooking,” says Monahan.

For more information on this stunning outdoor piece, visit Monahan’s website here.

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