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Fort Wayne Housing Authority launches new program connecting high school dropouts to careers

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (Fort Wayne’s NBC) – The Fort Wayne Housing Authority is launching a program aimed at young people who didn’t finish high school. The hope is to teach them skills that will last a lifetime.

Fort Wayne Housing Authority provides affordable housing programs to almost 4,000 people in Fort Wayne. There are plans to grow that number with the Youth Build Program.

“It is a department of labor program. So now we are recruiting young folks ages 16-24 who currently are not in high school, who are looking for their HSE or their high school equivalency.”

Members can earn money while getting training in construction and healthcare. Two career fields that are in demand right now. To be eligible, members must have dropped out of high school.

Program managers say their program works. In Champaign, Illinois, 91% of students who go through the program earn their certificates. Numbers like that make Briggs excited to open the program at Fort Wayne.

“I have seen this program do insane amounts of positive things, not only within the community but also creating leadership skills, watching the students meet their goals and succeed and start to have a good self-confidence and be able to watch them grow was just incredible to me.”

Click here to apply.

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