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Mobility is now an option for several kids at OSF HealthCare Children’s Hospital thanks to new toy cars

PEORIA (25 News Now) – It was all smiles for six kids at the Children’s Hospital of Illinois as they received their new toy cars fit for their needs.

The toy cars were built for children who were born with limited mobility so they can have more autonomy in their day.

Each car was created by engineers and interns from the Jump Trading Simulation and Education Center to custom fit to each kid’s ability.

The driving technology is rewired from your everyday toy car to allow the kids to operate the cars from the steering wheel instead of a foot pedal.

One of the innovation engineers, Sister M. Pieta, tells us these cars will allow the kids to have a normal life as possible, “and to explore the world around them. God made each of us and created the beautiful world that we have and it gives them a way to explore, engage to be with their friends and their family, and to keep up with them all because they might not be able to run and keep up on their own feet so it gives them a way to do that.”

One parent we spoke to, Christina Kiesewetter, says her son was born 8 weeks premature and has a genetic disorder that limits his movement.

She says with the warmer weather on the way, this car now allows her son the option to freely go outdoors and play.

“He just had an extensive admission, and we were fearful he wouldn’t make it. So to bring him here today and have him sit in is actually monumental and very emotional for all of us so we’re really excited for him.”

On the toy cars, there’s also a remote control option for the parents to help guide their kids while they use them.

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