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Next paw-casso? Painting dog Keanu shows her delicious masterpiece

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) – While most paintings start with pigments, one Rockford dog uses peanut butter and yogurt to create her unique version of artwork.

“I’m shocked! I’m shocked people think (the dogs are) this cool,” said Arles Hendershott, founder of the artistic Border Collie Keanu and Keanu Kreations.

Its not every day that you see a dog paint, and Border Collies are known for their wits. Keanu elevates her intelligence to a creative level though, with her new way of painting.

“If you go to a zoo you can buy a painting by a giraffe or a penguin of course people are going to like painting by dogs,” said Hendershott.

After attending a peanut butter painting class, Hendershott thought she’d give it a try, only to find Keanu loved it.

Hendershott starts the process by scribbling different colors of paint on a canvas. Then, a plastic zip lock bag is smothered in peanut butter and yogurt, with the scribbled canvas placed inside of the zip lock baggie.

That’s when Keanu steps in and begins licking away at the delicious combination on top of the zip lock bag, smearing the paint inside all around the canvas – creating her delicious masterpiece.

Hendershott’s friends also find the puppy paintings a hit, commenting on her Facebook posts to purchase them. She has yet to sell a piece, saying she’s just happy to give them away as gifts.

“I’m posting these on Facebook and people are going, ‘Can I buy these? Is she going to have an art show? How can I get one of these?’ And she loves doing it.”

Hendershott has teamed up with Kibble Korner to help out with donations for pet food and supplies. Their cupboard is almost empty and the demand for help is up 40%. Volunteers are encouraged to join and donate. The money raised from hosting art shows goes back to the pet pantry to help those. Especially elderly on a fixed income to keep up with the necessary care for their four legged friends.

“These people are forced to make a decision between medicine or pet food. It breaks my heart,” she said.

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