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Rockford Area Habitat for Humanity receives an impactful donation | Positive local news

ROCKFORD (WREX) — Rockford Housing Development Corporation (RHDC) presented a check for $250,000 to Rockford Area of ​​Habitat for Humanity (RAHFH), which is an incredibly impactful donation for the organization and the community.

These funds will be used to build houses, provide funds to make repairs to existing houses and build neighborhoods back up. According to the RHDC homeownership is the pathway to generational wealth and by partnering with organizations like RAHFH community members can be provided a way to become a homeowner.

Families involved with the home ownership program come from unsafe environments, from homes that are detrimental to their health and financial stability.

RAHFH executive director Keri Asevedo says that her position is such a full circle position because she gets to talk to donors about the builds, and have donors believe in RAHFH and their mission. From there Asevedo gets to call families and tell them that their homes are going to get fixed or that they get to buy a new home with HFH.

“We actually help them make sure that their home is safe and healthy to live in and we get to do this for free because someone believed in us so much that they gave us a quarter of a million dollars.” Asevedo said.

Not only that but this gift of $250,000 lead to a match from the City of Rockford dollar for dollar. RAHFH is now able to use that money to do incredible work in the Rockford community.

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