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Rockford Heat players receive D-1 offers | Sports

ROCKFORD (WREX) – The Rockford heat are an AAU basketball team that have been helping athletes work on their game since 2004, and this year some of their players have gotten division 1 offers.

Whitney Sullivan and Lily Esperaza are both entering their junior year of high school, and now they’ll have some decisions to make after getting some D1 offers.

“It was really unexpected, I was shocked when I first heard about it. But ultimately, I was really honored,” Esparza said.

“I mean, at first, I was surprised and shocked but it feels good knowing that colleges are looking at me,” Sullivan said.

Orangeville native Whitney Sullivan got an offer to Wisconsin and Boylan Titan, Lily Esparza, got one to the University of Denver. The offers have motivated them to keep getting better at their game.

“After getting an offer it really made me acknowledge how much I need to step up my game,” Esparza said. “I know I have to prove myself even more now.”

Both credit the Rockford Heat and coach John Penney for helping them get their names out there.

“It’s been really good, I’m glad I’m with the heat, they have been doing really good with me. John has been helping me out a lot too.”

“The heat and John Penny have done a lot for me getting this college exposure. John reaches out to coaches, he posts about us all the time. He really makes sure he highlights all of our achievements.”

You can catch these two heat players on the court at Boylan and Orangeville in the upcoming high school basketball season.

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