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Rockford’s oldest black church celebrates 131st Birthday | news

ROCKFORD (WREX) — Allen Chapel AME Church becomes 131 years old.

Allen chapel AME church is Rockford’s oldest black churches founded 131 years ago.

Estelle black who’s been a member for over eighty years says the chapel isn’t just her church but also her home.

“It’s a blessing that Allen chapel has been here to serve the community the way that it has initially it was right in the heart of the city and we had people come into our soup kitchen coming to our church it was home,” said Black.

Ms. Bpaint says that everyone chapel paved the way allowing other black churches in the stateline to be created.

“I can name several churches that became churches because of Allen chapel and other churches so it wasn’t that we tried to keep churches out we tried to develop them and help grow,” said Black.

John Halbert became the Pastor of Allen Chapel in 2021. Halbert says he’s proud to follow in the footsteps of those who came before him, like Bishop Richard Allen who founded the Church in 1891.

“Look at what god has done because you stepped out on faith, Richard Allen stepped out on faith over two hundred years ago look at it all over the world, we are branches, and look at us we’re still growing,” said Halbert .

September 18th is officially named Allen Chapel AME Church Day by the city of Rockford.

Allen Chapel Heast service every Sunday starting at 10:30 am

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