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hampaign County Heating Cooling is a budget-friendly, Furnace and Air Conditioner repair, replacement, service, and predictive maintenance company!

More About Champaign County Heating Cooling

CCHC is about you our customers. Their needs, budget, and goals. We understand budgets, that some of our clients are just trying to get one more summer or winter out of their HVAC system, while others would like to know their system is running at peak operation and capable of keeping their home at a specific temperature no matter what it’s doing outside.

While we offer no sales pitch consultation during service, repair, or diagnostic work on your HVAC system. The discussion can be as informative as our clients wish. Considering Ray will be doing most of the work of all installs and repairs. You can trust him and his word, These discussions vary from energy savings verse cost calculations. HVAC system replacement vs repair. The expected life of the system.

At the end of the conversation, the homeowner will be fully informed allowing them to make an educated decision about what is best for them and their budget. Not to mention if their goals are achievable based on their budget.

Ray has worked for Mike Williams, Chief Bauer Service Experts, Chambana Heating and Air Rays Heating and Cooling. Becoming one of the lead techs at each. At Chief, Ray worked on the most complicated home communication systems, with sensors in each room that controls everything automatically. Capable of being controlled or monitored from your next Virgin Atlantic space flight! That’s right where your phone has a signal!

While working at Rays Heating and Air conditioning the lessons of straightforward solid advice. The value of system reliability and longevity. The price of the system vs the dollar amount of energy savings. Has led to a very strong appreciation of a straightforward well-performing basic HVAC system. That will end up being a fraction of the cost of the complex one over the lifespan of the system.

Ray has found memories of working on those complex systems in some of the priciest homes in Champaign County. Where money is no match for unparalleled customer climate comfortability.

Yet Ray Has also found A fondness for the simple and reliable system. The homeowners are much more likely to have their system pay for itself in energy savings over the lifespan of the equipment!

Whatever works for you, a band-aid repair to get you through, a good solid repair with predictive maintenance. A new unit or system such as the most complex Lennox or Carrier communicating system in the world, or a reliable budget-friendly Goodman or Tempstar unit. You are assured to be treated with the utmost respect, honesty, on time, and on-budget service!

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