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Illinois Grinch caught posing on the back of a moving police car

Somebody better call the police because I saw the Grinch posing in the back of a moving police car. Oh wait a minute …

I have many friends in the Elgin, Illinois area, and I think even they would agree that things are done a little differently in this part of the state. This particular video moment captured by a driver is a perfect example of this.

It’s the Grinch … in the back of a van … a POLICE van that is driving.

I have so many questions. Is the Grinch arrested for something or is he (may I say so) a cop himself? I could point out the danger of hanging out of a moving vehicle, but I’m pretty sure the police know. The police know that, right? Asking for a friend.

Maybe he was taken on a mission to steal Christmas or something. OK, so I don’t have any more theories about what’s going on here. All I can say is that the Grinch looks pretty proud of himself and the police don’t seem to mind.

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