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Obituary for Lucretia Paddock (1927-2021) – Boulder, CO

On December 10, 2021, Lucretia Smith Paddock, 94 years old, passed into the hands of Heaven. She was born on April 11, 1927 in Rockford, Illinois, to Stanton and Elizabeth Smith. Lucretia grew up with her two brothers Kinnie and Gordy in Rockford, Illinois. She attended Rockford Elementary School and High School, then studied at Wellesley College, graduating with a degree in Education in 1949. During her junior year at Wellesley, she became president of Wellesley College Women’s Flying Club. This group of twenty-five Wellesley students caused a stir when they decided to learn to fly. Lucretia spent the summers between her junior and senior years at college in Boulder, Colorado, where she met her husband, David Paddock. As the story goes, David hated the fraternity where Lucretia lived. She put her glass in the air and said “milk”. She didn’t say please, so David didn’t respond to her request. She asked again and he didn’t answer. On the third request, David went to her and told her it would be polite to say please. She did it and the rest, as they say, is history. David and Lucretia were married on September 3, 1949 in Rockford, Illinois. They raised their family in Rockford until they moved to Colorado in 1988. Lucretia was a creative and loving woman who lived her life with purpose and purpose. She offered safety and love to her children with a mama-bear spirit. She was a passionate reader and author and belonged to various book groups. She and her husband David loved to travel, and they visited many countries over the years. Lucretia and David were sailing enthusiasts and spent many years sailing their boat to various destinations. Lucretia loved music and once said that “music was the care of my soul”. She played the cello and piano. She has always been active and engaged in community and church activities. Lucretia taught in Boulder, Colorado while David was studying law, and then in Rockford, Illinois at the beginning of their marriage. The family cabin on Whitefish Lake in Gordon, Wisconsin, provided Lucretia and her family with a place to meet and enjoy being together. The forests, wild animals and the sparkling clear lake create the perfect place for rest and relaxation. Lucretia loved going to the “lake” from the age of twelve and her family continues to enjoy the beautiful and peaceful Northwoods. Survivors include son David (Jennifer) Paddock from Boulder Colorado, daughter Beth Paddock (Jerry) from Westminster, Colorado, and son Paul Paddock from Rockford Illinois. Her husband David Paddock and a granddaughter Tatiana Paddock as well as her brothers Kinnie and Gordy Smith preceded her in death. Lucretia has six grandchildren and eleven great-grandchildren. She had a special bond with all of them, and her love for them was deep, unconditional, and constant. No service is planned for Lucretia. Donations can be made to the Whitefish Lake Conservation Organization, PO Box 232, Gordon, Wisconsin 54838.

Published by The Daily Camera on December 26, 2021.

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