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Illinois minimum wage increase in 2022

If it becomes January 1st, 2022,
For workers in the state of Illinois, your wallet will be a little thicker.

The IL governor will set the IL minimum wage at $ 12 an hour.

So keep an eye on your pay slips.

And every year it will go up another dollar.

In 2025, the IL minimum wage is expected to be $ 15 an hour.

Increase the minimum wage in Illinois
Minimum wage up to $ 12 an hour on New Years Day

SPRINGFIELD – Illinois minimum wage is slated to increase by another dollar on Saturday, January
January 2022. The new wage is $ 12 an hour.

Minimum wage workers are encouraged to keep a close eye on their paychecks in the New Year.
Any time worked in 2022 must reflect the new minimum wage of $ 12 an hour.

Governor JB Pritzker signed a bill in 2019 that puts the state on the path to a minimum of $ 15 an hour
Wage until 2025. The minimum wage has increased three times since the governor signed the agreement
Wage Increase Act.

Prior to the 2020 hikes, Illinois last raised its minimum wage more than a decade ago
in 2010 when it rose to $ 8.25. In Chicago the minimum wage is already 15 dollars an hour for
Employers with 21 or more employees. For smaller businesses, it’s $ 14 an hour.

The new law contains provisions for employers to credit tips to offset employees’ wages, such as:
as waiters who regularly earn tips. Employees with tips can receive 60 percent of the hourly wage
Minimum wage. However, these workers must receive tips or the
The employer will make up the difference.

Employees under the age of 18 who work less than 650 hours a year receive a minimum wage
Starting January 1, $ 9.25 per hour. The minimum wage rate for youth will gradually increase to $ 13 an hour
Hour until 2025.

All Illinois employers are required to post “Your Rights Under Illinois Labor Law”.
where notices to employees are published on a regular basis.

Workers with problems regarding the minimum wage can contact IDOL at 312-793-2800. complain

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