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Find, vote for pro-lifers

If the US Supreme Court reverses Roe v. Wade, politics in Springfield becomes critical with respect to abortion. States will control abortion. Research the abortion issue, look at a sonogram, vote pro-life.

Ask for the Republican ballot in the Tuesday’s primary election. Here are candidates endorsed by the Illinois Federation for Right to Life. For representation in Washington: Kathy Salvi for US Senate, Shane Cultra for US House District 2 (Danville and northern Vermilion County), Mary Miller for US House District 15 (southern Vermilion and portions of Champaign County), Regan Deering for District 13 (Champaign -Urban).

For representation in Springfield, the Illinois Federation for Right to Life endorses Darren Bailey for governor, Dan Brady for secretary of state, Tom Demmer for treasurer, David Shestokas for attorney general, Chapin Rose for Illinois Senate District 51 (western and southern Champaign County) , Jason Barickman for Illinois Senate District 53 (northern Vermilion County), Mike Marron for Illinois House District 104 (Danville, southern Vermilion and northeastern Champaign Counties), Thomas M. Bennett for Illinois House District 106 (northern Vermilion County), Adam M. Niemerg for Illinois District 102 (southern Champaign County), Chris Miller for Illinois House District 101 (northwestern Champaign County).

Unfortunately, there are no pro-life endorsements for candidates for Illinois Senate District 52 (Champaign-Urbana and Danville) and Illinois House District 103 (Champaign-Urbana). It is sad the Republicans have not fielded candidates to oppose the pro-choice incumbents. Pray for a conversion of heart for those office holders.



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